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Being Seen at SPO: What You Need to Know

We truly look forward to having you visit us at Stevens Point Orthopedics, whether you’re seeking treatment for an injury or are inquiring about a joint replacement.

People have a lot of questions about visiting us for the first time. We’ve compiled many of the most often-asked questions into an FAQ. We hope you find it helpful.

I have a worker’s-compensation claim. Why do you need my primary insurance?

Even though your appointment is covered by work comp, we still need your primary insurance in case the worker’s-compensation claim is denied. This gives us something to fall back on. So if worker’s compensation were to deny, we wouldn’t send you the complete bill; instead, we’d bill the primary insurance first.

Why do you always need to see my insurance cards?

It’s very important to bring your insurance cards to EVERY appointment. We need a physical copy that we can put through our scanner and put on file. If we need to do any type of prior authorization, we need the phone numbers on the back of the card so we know who to call to get that authorization completed.

Why do you need my insurance information when I schedule an appointment?

When you call to schedule an appointment, before you can be scheduled we need to put your insurance information in your chart and see whether we accept the insurance. Sometimes it doesn’t show, but sometimes it does.

It’s always best for you to call your insurance company to make sure we’re in-network before calling us. We’d hate for you to be seen and then afterwards find out we’re out-of-network. Ultimately, it’s the patient’s responsibility to call and confirm this information, but we try to help as much as we can.

I’ve been seen somewhere out-of-state for my condition and now I’m coming to see you. What should I bring?

If you’ve been seen at a facility out-of-state and there’s any chance you’ll be following up with us, ALWAYS ask to get your records printed and any images put on a CD. Our providers need this information before they can see you, and depending on the previous facility, it can take up to a month for that other facility to send us this information – especially if they have to mail the CD of the images. If you request the info and get it before leaving, it’s much quicker.

Do you require a referral?

SPO does not require a referral to schedule an orthopedic appointment. However, it’s always best for the patient to call their insurance company to make sure their insurance does not require a referral.

Do you take walk-ins?

We are not a walk-in clinic. Seeing a provider at SPO is by appointment only.

Any additional questions? Call us at 715-344-0701. We’re here to help.

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