As human beings we have a lot of different functions and systems that are constantly working within our bodies to keep us alive—one of those being the movement system. What is the movement system you may ask? Essentially, it’s a system that helps you perform daily activities that involve moving. Everything from getting up out of a chair or reaching up into a cupboard to playing sports or weightlifting is completed via your movement system.

The needs of our movement system are quite complex. At one end of the spectrum, we may have to heal a broken bone or have an arthritic joint replaced. At the other end of the spectrum, we may be trying to lose weight or advance our physical training to try to earn a Division 1 sports scholarship. Regardless of your needs, Stevens Point Orthopedics is proud to let you know we offer services that BRIDGE the entire range of your movement system needs. Our team is comprised of Stevens Point Orthopedics, Stevens Point Physical Therapy, D1 Training-Stevens Point and Sweet Spot Nutrition.

With our Bridge Program, your SPO team works together to meet all of your movement system needs.

Stevens Point Orthopedics – Fixing It

When your movement system breaks down, the doctors and physician assistants, along with the professionals that support them, are here to get you the help you need. Common conditions treated in orthopedics involve pain/dysfunction with bones, joints, muscles, tendons, or other soft tissue problems. They will perform a physical exam and order the necessary tests to determine what is wrong and how to best fix the problem. Treatment from our Orthopedic team could include bracing, casting, injections or even surgery. They may also send you to physical therapy.

Stevens Point Physical Therapy – Rehabilitating It

The rehabilitation professionals at Stevens Point Physical Therapy will evaluate and treat your movement system with the goal of returning you to your prior level of function. A physical exam of your movement system will look at your range of motion, strength, flexibility, posture/alignment, balance, and biomechanics/movement patterns, with treatment aimed at addressing the key physical findings. Often times though, our patients come to us after just having surgery. Regardless the circumstances, our physical therapists will help you through all phases of healing. Your physical therapist will prescribe corrective exercises, perform manual therapy, and use physical therapy modalities to help restore your movement system. Upon finishing your rehabilitation, you will want to consider the next progression of our Bridge Program to improve your movement system—D1 Training.

D1 Training-Stevens Point & Sweet Spot Nutrition – Optimizing It

After your movement system recovers, with the help of orthopedics and physical therapy, you owe it to yourself to ask a basic question. What can you do to improve and take it to the next level? For some that could be losing a few pounds. For others, that could be training for a lifetime dream such as finishing a marathon or earning a D1 sports scholarship. With Bridge, we work together to transition patients from their injury/rehabilitation over to a sport-specific training program. And to help maximize your potential, our nutrition coach at Sweet Spot Nutrition will also work with you to make sure you achieve your goals.

Are the services offered at D1 Training and Sweet Spot Nutrition just for high-level athletes? Quite simply – no. Just like orthopedics and physical therapy, the fitness professionals at D1 will personalize your program based on your capabilities and your goals. Do you need to have been a patient to participate with either organization? Again, no. We are here to serve the Stevens Point community and surrounding areas, ready to help you take your body to the next level. Although the services offered at D1 Training and Sweet Spot Nutrition are not covered by your health insurance, we do offer special discount packages for patients of Stevens Point Orthopedics and Stevens Point Physical Therapy to attend.

So next time your movement system needs to be addressed, consider the services BRIDGED together at Stevens Point Orthopedics! For questions about Stevens Point Orthopedics and Stevens Point Physical Therapy, please contact Shawn Dombrowski at 715-344-0701. For questions about D1 Training and Sweet Spot Nutrition, please call Kevin Kirschbaum at 715-570-2248.