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Patient Care Suite Expansion

Growth is a great thing…but it can get a little uncomfortable sometimes. Just ask your 13-year-old whose 12-year-old jeans suddenly stop somewhere above his ankle.

The same sort of thing has been happening to Stevens Point Orthopedics — though not with our jeans, thankfully. Over the past year we’ve doubled our number of employees, from 25 to 50.

But our work and office space…that’s remained the same size. We have more staff, we’ve been serving more patients, but we’ve been working out of the same number of rooms.

Fortunately, that’s changing. The expanded clinic space and X-ray suite are ready to open in the next several weeks, and we’re thrilled.

We’ve added extra check-in stations, more exam rooms, and another X-ray room, along with provider and administrative offices, an IT office, a supply closet, and a conference room.

x-ray room clinic expansion

This expansion will make things much easier for patients. You’ll notice shorter turnaround times, less waiting, and a more comfortable clinic experience.

The behind-the-scenes additions and expansions will help everyone at Stevens Point Orthopedics do their jobs more efficiently and comfortably.

We’ve also taken advantage of this remodeling project to give the entire clinic a mini-facelift. You won’t notice that right away; we wanted to give priority to the parts of the remodeling effort that benefit our patients.

Our goal has been and will always be to provide you with the best orthopedic care available anywhere. We’ve been a part of the community for a long time and value our relationship with you, our patients, customers and friends.

We think these new additions will make your experience with Stevens Point Orthopedics even better. We hope you enjoy our new facility as much as we know we will!

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