D1 Training is an athletic-based training facility that delivers results. Stevens Point Orthopedics is a clinic that performs joint replacements, ACL repairs, and other surgeries involving joints and muscles.

So what’s the connection?

The connection is your health — and how good health can positively impact your athletic performance.

There’s a direct relationship between your overall health and the health of your muscles and joints. Similarly, there’s usually a direct relationship between the health of your muscles and joints and your overall athletic performance.

And by “athletic performance,” we don’t necessarily mean running a 4.5 40-yard dash. We mean anything from being able to do the laundry or walk around the block without pain to — well, running a 4.5 40.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to lose some weight or a collegiate athlete with your eye on going pro — or anyone in between — D1 can help.

More About D1

Here’s some things about D1 you may not have known:

  • D1 was founded in 2003.
  • It’s a franchised business with locations around the country.
  • D1 has only two Wisconsin locations. In addition to the Stevens Point location, there’s a D1 franchise in Mequon.
  • The Stevens Point facility opened its doors in 2018 and has been helping its clients foster healthy and active lifestyles ever since.

The Problem – And How SPO Can Help

D1 has the age-appropriate programs, expert coaches, experience, and specialized facilities that will power you to your goals and help you attain maximum performance.

The problem is, sometimes on the way to your goals things break — things like knees and hips and ankles.

When that happens, SPO is there to help. Its staff are experts at diagnosing the problem and fixing what’s wrong.

Sometimes that just means ice and rest. Other times it means surgery. Either way, SPO will help make it right.

Then when it’s time to get back to activity, D1 has the expertise, the equipment and the people to get you all the way back.

More About the D1-SPO Connection

The Stevens Point D1 collaborates with Stevens Point Orthopedics in several ways. In addition to two-way referrals — people who are training at D1 and need orthopedic care are referred to SPO, and SPO patients looking for post-injury care are referred to D1— both facilities offer physical therapy services.

That might seem like a duplication of care, but it’s not really. With the two organizations operating in the same building, patients who have suffered from an orthopedic or sports injury will have all the resources they need to reach — and then exceed — their goals.

D1 is one of the state’s best physical training and rehabilitation facilities. SPO offers “world-class care, close to home.” It’s a unique partnership and combination of services — and it’s offered right here, in Stevens Point.

The next time you’re at the clinic, or a physical therapy appointment, be sure to ask about all the added services and benefits D1 has to offer!