It’s not only our well trained and knowledgeable orthopedic providers that treat our patients well; it’s the personal relationships we build with our patients along their journey through our office. We are a team because we have one goal and that is to provide the best individualized care to each and every patient.

One of our long time patients came into our office two weeks ago for an MRI. Like all our patients she was greeted by our reception staff and taken back for her MRI test. Her experience touched us, so we wanted to share her letter below:

“Last Thursday I was scheduled for a MRI. I’ve had others over the years. This last year I have had numerous tests and this one was just too much. I thought I was fine until I went to the check-in desk and I just broke out in tears. In minutes Mindy jumped up and gave me a hug. Believe me, all the meds you have at your disposal couldn’t have meant as much as that hug. Then walking to the MRI, Lori was there. Because my family and myself have been to the clinic numerous times she knew me. One look at my teared up face, she jumped up and gave me a hug and walked with me to the door of the MRI machine. I will NEVER forget their acts of kindness. I sent them each a thank you.

It is these small things that make Klasinski Clinic the best of its kind.

I’m writing to let those who should know be aware of the very special employees you have that make your team complete.”

Most Sincerely,


We are very proud of the staff we have here at Klasinski Clinic. Having individuals like Lori and Mindy is instrumental in making our patients feel welcome.

Lori is a veteran member of our support staff and has been with us for over 25 years. During this time she has gotten to know many patients and their families. Here is what she has to say about work in our office, “I really enjoy my position at Klasinski Clinic. I love the patient contact I have and wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Mindy has been a part of our reception staff for the last 7 years. Everyone that knows Mindy, knows she enjoys letting her personality shine through. “Klasinski Clinic gives me the opportunity to be myself in making patients feel comfortable, safe and at home. I consider my job rewarding in that way! I’m proud to be a part of our World Class Treatment and Hometown Care!