If you?re a parent, you understand that you never know what your kids may get into while playing sports. As a parent, it?s best to be as prepared as possible with an emergency kit. Here are some great ideas for creating a sports emergency kit for your kids? activities.

Typically, every sports emergency kit should include bandages, antibiotic cream, ice packs, gause, and pain reliever. Individual sports sometimes require specialized gear.

Soccer Emergency Kit

The website Coaching American Soccer has some great resources for creating soccer kits. They provide different recommendations if you?re a parent, player, or even the coach. Typically, you?ll want to include the same gear as any physical sport: bandages, antibiotic cream, ice packs, and pain reliever. You should also include:

  • Shin Guards
  • Ankle Wrap
  • Cleet Repair Kit
  • Spare Shoe Laces

If you coach your soccer team, it?s also a good idea to keep a spare soccer ball, pump, goalie gloves, and other typical supplies on hand.


Volleyball Emergency Kit

An emergency kit for volleyball is very similar to soccer, though it will include a few different items since soccer is usually an outdoor sport and volleyball is indoor. Many of these items are available to buy online.

  • Spare Knee Pads
  • Headbands/Hair Ties
  • Medical Tape (for finger injuries)
  • Wrist/Hand Brace


Hockey Emergency Kit

Hockey is a very physical sport; more so than soccer or volleyball. Your emergency kit will include many more items than some of the emergency kits since the equipment is prone to becoming faulty or breaking. Especially remember to include these items:

  • Spare Blades
  • Spare Mouthguard
  • Spare Stick
  • Helmet Repair Gear
  • ?Save a Tooth? Container
  • Athletic Tape

Whether you?re a parent that has kids in one or all three of these sports, follow these lists to pack all the items you may need. You can always work with your kids? coach for more ideas on a complete emergency kit for a specific sport.


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