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Improving Your Health Beyond a Resolution

Making a resolution to lose weight or start a diet in the new year can be an excellent springboard for a healthier lifestyle. How do you commit to improving your health and fitness habits that will last a lifetime? Take a look below for tips that will help you sustain a healthier lifestyle in the new year.

Make Your Goals Clear

If you have broad resolutions in mind, it can be difficult to make and stick to attainable goals. If your goal is to be healthier, decide if that means eating more vegetables and fruits, being able to walk up a flight of stairs without becoming tired, being able to run a marathon, or losing two pant sizes. Once you have a goal, make the necessary steps to reach it.

Change One Thing at a Time

So you commit to eating healthier. What does that mean for you? Take this broad goal and divide it into small and sensible steps. If you want to lose weight, track your eating habits in detail, and look at how you can make adjustments to a healthier diet. Another example can be to choose one meal of the day and look for healthier ways to shop and cook for it. Because resolutions require willpower and dedication, it makes sense to focus on one resolution, such as improving your diet or fitness, in order to reach a successful point.

Don’t Restrict Yourself

The decision to eliminate entire food groups or hobbies often result in only short-term change. Don’t cut out all sweets, but consider seeing them as rewards, one-a-week treats, or special occasion splurges. Don’t cut out all Netflix viewing, but consider saving it for weekend nights or replace half of the time you previously spent on the couch with sessions of being productive and active.

Find Support

Support will be a big part of finding success in sustaining a new year’s resolution. Find a person with similar goals and team up in order to hold yourselves accountable. Join a support group that will help you maintain goals, find motivation when your willpower dwindles, and share successful tips that can open your mind to new ideas.

Reward Yourself

Don’t overwhelm yourself with guilt from being unable to meet a goal. This negative mindset can damage your self-esteem and make it more difficult for you to recognize that which you have achieved. Reward yourself for meeting small goals and staying on track, and remind yourself of the positive gains that you have made.

Make next year the year that you not only make new, life-changing goals, but the year that you find the resolution to make them a part of a greater lifestyle change. You can do it!

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