By: Coach Kali Clark

The 2020 sports season was definitely unlike anything we’ve experienced before. Whether your season was cut short, postponed, or cancelled altogether, athletes have been itching to get back in the game.

But after all that time off, and even during the regular off-season, it’s important to be fully prepared to start competing again.

You might be wondering…why would an athlete that’s already active in sports need additional training? That’s a great question and there are two main reasons—out of season conditioning and injury prevention.

Utilizing the D1 coaches and SPO physical therapists can help athletes prevent common injuries. The two, collaborative organizations work together to provide a myriad of preventative services—group training through youth workouts, D1 Overtime for small groups of athletes and teams, D1-on-1, and movement evaluations via SPO’s Movement Performance Lab.

Below we will walk through five reasons to work with a coach or physical therapist and take advantage of all the services at the D1 facility. 

5-Star Training

Each D1 workout has 5 components—a dynamic warm-up, performance training, strength training, core and conditioning, and the cool-down. This type of workout reflects a division 1 style of training which is great exposure for serious athletes who might find themselves playing their sports into college and beyond. 

D1 also programs on an 8-week cycle—the work within those 8 weeks progresses and varies to keep things interesting. They have many different implements for lifting, testing equipment (testing occurs at the end of each 8-week cycle), TRX, sliders, tires, rigs, and everything in between. The list goes on and on. If you want to try out the 5-star training for yourself, check out this free trial offer!

Coach’s Eye

While we use an app, called Coach’s Eye, to analyze lifting form, a D1 coach can also provide some insight into your movement that you won’t get at practice. Our work is in fitness and executing it safely. This means that when an athlete lifts, our coaches will watch to see that their form is correct, ultimately helping them perform at their best.

This also decreases the risk of injury as coaches will know how their athletes are progressing and at rates that are right for each individual.

Unique to You

Athletes and teams participating in D1 Overtime or D1-on-1 training can expect programming specific to their sport. This means movement that reflects what happens on the ice, turf or court is broken down to better strengthen and build upon the fundamentals of any sport.

D1 coaches also meet with athletes or team coaches before training to align goals and watch how athletes move before any additional coaching.

The Performance and Prevention Assessment is also part of the pre-training evaluation. The assessment allows coaches to see weak spots in squats, hinging, pressing, pulling and more. They’ll also gather injury history and/or collect information about common injuries for that sport so they can plan programming accordingly.

Coaches will also play games and offer up alternatives if lifts are too challenging or not challenging enough. They’ve got options!

Movement Performance Lab

If you need something even more specific, the physical therapists at SPO can perform a movement analysis on athletes via the Movement Performance Lab.

Whether you’re looking to improve your slapshot, increase the distance of your drive, or swing your bat more efficiently, the software can track your exact movements. The physical therapists then analyze the data to determine exactly where you may be experiencing a deficiency and provide you exercises to correct it.

The even better news, this technology isn’t only for athletes. Weekend warriors looking to return to activity after a nagging injury or someone simply experiencing pain with everyday activities can benefit as well.

The research-grade motion-analysis software helps the physical therapists analyze and understand how you move with the use of high-speed motion capture. This in-depth understanding helps your physical therapist prescribe specific corrective exercises which can help you improve your movement, and ultimately perform at the highest level.


D1 is a great place to feel coached up and be surrounded by like-minded people. Youth athletes may find themselves training beside others who play a variety of sports or none at all—they’re there for fitness. 

Regardless of where athletes come from, they’re encouraged to get to know each other. To aid in this goal, there’s always a breakdown at the end of each workout. The breakdown is a chance to recognize another athlete or say an encouraging word, such as the D1 character word of the month, after the workout.

Not all injuries can be stopped but we can do our best to prevent them from happening. And with that, D1 and SPO encourages you come check out the facility for your injury prevention and strength training needs. See you on the turf!