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Joint Replacement

Stevens Point Orthopedics personalizes its Joint Journey joint replacement services to your needs and goals. 

Shawn Dombrowski, Joint Coordinator

Shawn Dombrowski, RN
Joint Nurse Coordinator

Renee Vande Laarschot MS, PT
Joint Physical Therapist

What’s a Joint Journey? A journey that helps you return to doing the things you love!

Joint replacement can extend and improve individuals’ quality of life using time-tested, effective materials and procedures. 

The skilled surgeons at Stevens Point Orthopedics have been performing hip, knee, and shoulder replacements for more than 20 years. 

Our joint nurse coordinator, Shawn Dombrowski, RN, has worked with thousands of joint patients over the last 10 years.
Renee Vande Laarschot, MS, PT, our joint physical therapist, has more than 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge working with joint-replacement patients.

Together they offer the area’s most comprehensive and caring approach to joint replacements.

Why Joint Replacements?

Your body is full of joints, where two or more bones meet and move. These bony surfaces are covered by smooth, hard cartilage, which can develop defects through wear and tear, disease, or injury. 

Defective cartilage can be painful, limit motion, and cause a click or catch, depending on its location. This is arthritis.

Arthritis is one of the most common orthopedic conditions. Almost everyone encounters arthritis as they age, and experience anything from occasional discomfort to complete debilitation. 

For severe arthritis pain that has not responded to other treatments, joint replacement is an option.

How We Do Joint Replacements

Pre-Op Education

Education is an important first step in helping patients prepare for their joint replacement at Stevens Point Orthopedics. Patients are encouraged to designate a “coach” to help and share in their Joint Journey.

Shawn and Renee meet individually with patients and their coaches prior to surgery, educating them on the surgical procedure and expectations, giving them pre-operative exercises, and helping them acquire medical equipment.

Post-Op Support

After surgery, Shawn and Renee meet with patients in the hospital, and follow up with them for several weeks after surgery.

They provide post-op exercises and other tools to help patients navigate the challenges of the first few weeks after surgery. 

Since caring for yourself after a joint replacement can be easier if you have extra help, Shawn and Renee are there to connect you with the resources that can make things easier.

Personalized to You

Shawn and Renee work very closely with the SPO team to provide a personalized experience. Patients are even provided with a direct cell or office number to contact Shawn or Renee with questions or concerns. Both are only a phone call away.

Our unmatched experience and commitment to your health and well-being means you can trust Stevens Point Orthopedics with your joint replacement.

Whether you live in Marshfield, Mosinee, Wisconsin Rapids, Waupaca, Wausau, the Northwoods, Plover, Stevens Point, or anywhere in between, we are here to provide you with an exceptional experience throughout your Joint Journey!


Patient Results

Patient Stories

“I never thought that I would ever consent to a hip replacement but the pain got to the point where I was left with no option. Dr. Williams re-assured me that the procedure would give me the relief that I needed and he was right.”

“Three months out from shoulder surgery and the results are great! No longer have pain and have regained full range of motion.”

“Dr. Troyer did a total reverse shoulder surgery on me and the result is amazing, basically pain free and range of motion is returning quicker than I thought possible.”