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Your body is comprised of joints, where two or more bones meet and move. These bony surfaces are covered by hard cartilage and should ideally be smooth. Over time, this hard cartilage can have defects or thin due to wear and tear, disease, or an injury. It can be painful, limit motion, and cause a click or catch, depending on its location. This is arthritis.

Arthritis is one of the most common orthopedic conditions. Almost everyone encounters arthritis as they age, experiencing anything from occasional discomfort to complete debilitation.

Arthritic pain is achy and is typically worse in the morning or after prolonged periods of rest. It can make it difficult if not impossible to be active.

Fortunately, if you’re suffering from arthritis pain, there are treatment options. Contact us to learn about treatment options.

Evaluating Arthritis Pain

Our evaluation starts by you giving us a history of your problem: when and how it started, how it feels, and treatments you’ve tried. We also ask about other medical conditions that may contribute to your pain. We do a physical exam to test your joint structures, check your range of motion and strength, and look for specific problems. Sometimes we order X-rays to show fractures, spurs, and changes from arthritis.

Treating Arthritis Pain

Strategies for treating arthritis depend on the diagnosis and severity of your symptoms.

Lifestyle modifications include resting the affected joint, changing daily activities to avoid painful situations, riding an exercise bike with no resistance to smooth and polish the joint, and doing exercises to strengthen weak muscles.
Medications can help with arthritis. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and non-steroidal medications (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen (Advil) or naproxen (Aleve) can relieve inflammation and help control pain.
Cortisone injections target a specific location in your joint using a powerful anti-inflammatory medication.
Viscosupplementation injections help lubricate the knee.
Physical therapy focuses on getting your muscles and joints to work properly together. Physical therapists can identify and address muscle imbalances through corrective exercises. They can meet with you either in-person or via telehealth, and may give you take-home exercises to help return you to regular activities pain-free.
Unloader Braces can help with arthritis pain in the knee if only one portion of the knee is problematic.
Surgery may be the next option for arthritis if all other treatment options have been exhausted. Each joint has its own options for replacement surgeries. Fortunately, Stevens Point Orthopedics has providers who specialize in each option.

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