At Klasinski Clinic, our mission is to exceed expectations by providing exceptional patient care in a pleasant and caring atmosphere. And what ruins a pleasant atmosphere with every tick of the clock? Long, frustrating wait times.

The national average wait for a sports medicine specialist is 19 minutes, we are pleased to report that our clinic?s average wait time is only 12 minutes and 48 seconds.

We are committed to the highest standards of quality healthcare to achieve optimal clinical outcomes, and part of that high standard of healthcare is being considerate of our patients? time.

We understand that a medical clinic may not be your favorite place to spend your day, but you come to us because we deliver outstanding service and meet your needs with compassion. We take that trust seriously and strive to provide world-class treatment?from our procedures, our board-certified surgeons, and our low wait times.

You can even take a virtual tour of our reception area and the rest of our facilities (led by our very own ?Bones? family mascots), so you will know what to expect when you arrive.

The doctor will see you now!