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Meet the Talented Physical Therapists at SPO

Our physical therapists are essential to the SPO team every day, but we’d like to shine an extra light on them today as October is National Physical Therapy Month! With two physical therapy locations,

  • 500 Vincent Street, Stevens Point, WI 54481 (Main Clinic)
  • 5501 E.M. Copps Drive, Stevens Point, WI 54481 (Portage County Business Park)

and very busy schedules, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of everyone.

Whether your PT sessions are scheduled at the main clinic or at our second location in the Portage County Business Park, you’re sure to enjoy whichever team member you work with. Read on to learn a little bit more about each of our 11 amazing physical therapists!

Sheila Banovetz MS, PT

Hello, my name is Sheila. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan but have since been in the United States for over 40 years. I attended undergraduate school at the National Taiwan University and PT school at Washington University in St. Louis. I was always interested in the medical field and originally wanted to become a physician. Life had different plans though, as I’ve been practicing as a physical therapist since 1985. My favorite part about being a physical therapist is when my patients can do what they enjoy doing pain free. I especially enjoy when they share their successes with me.

When I’m not working, my husband, Jim, and I enjoy spending time with our family—four married children and 8 grandchildren. I also enjoy cooking for my family and coworkers, when time allows. I utilize fresh ingredients from my garden whenever possible—this is one of the tomatoes I grew this summer. It’s perfect!

Shelia's tomato on a sunny windowsill

Dan Burow DPT, OCS

Hi, my name is Dan Burow. I’m from Stevens Point, attended college at Wisconsin Lutheran, and graduate school at Carroll University. I pursued a career in physical therapy because I think the human body is fascinating. It’s amazing to me how we move and heal, and what we can do and accomplish. Plus, I was always very active with sports and exercise so PT was a natural fit. My favorite thing about my job is watching people recover and accomplish their goals. It’s so rewarding and never gets old!

Outside of work, my wife and I stay busy with our two wild boys—Emet (5) and Elijah (2). We also just recently welcomed a baby girl, Gracie, to the family. Most of my time is spent wrestling with the boys and snuggling little Gracie, but I’m also a chronic “Do It Yourself-er.”  I always have some project that I’m working on around the house. Please don’t ask my wife about it. 

Dan with his wife and two young boys in a field on a sunny, summer day
Dan sitting on the couch with his two boys and new daughter

Sarah Crow DPT, OCS

Hello, my name is Sarah Crow. I’m from Elm Grove, WI and have been with SPO since July of 2020. When I was in high school I got injured playing sports, which led me to have to see a physical therapist. While being treated, I realized, “Hey, I could be good at this too!” The rest is history. After high school, I attended Marquette University for undergrad and graduate school and became a physical therapist myself. My favorite part of the job is having the tools to help people get back to doing the things they love doing. I also enjoy meeting all the patients and hearing their stories.

Outside of work, my husband and I have two boys—Theo and Henry—both under the age of 2. We have our hands full at home but they’re very sweet! When I’m not busy chasing the boys around, I enjoy playing with my band: Sarah Crow and the Strangers. Music is a joy for me!

Sarah walking outside with her husband and two sons

Jesse Espe PT, DPT, CSCS

My name is Jesse Espe. I’m from Monroe, WI, attended Edgewood College and obtained my physical therapy degree at Western Kentucky University. I became a physical therapist because all of the cool kids were doing it—not sure if that makes me cool by association or not? In all seriousness, I enjoy being a PT because I love helping people do things they didn’t think they would ever be able to do again. Seeing people make big changes in their pain and movement patterns is a highlight of every day.

When I’m not at work, my wife, Dani, and I stay busy with our two boys—Liam (5) and Jackson (1). A fun fact about myself is that I completed the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs—any Star Wars fans out there?!

Dave Hahn PT, SCS

Hello, I’m Dave Hahn. I became a physical therapist after my own experience with a sports injury. I was playing soccer, on a club team in Chicago, when I tore my ACL and went through the entire rehab process—after that I was hooked! My favorite part about the job is the documentation (just kidding)! I truly enjoy creating a fun and caring environment for patients and helping them improve their function. I received my undergrad degree from UW-Madison and physical therapy degree from UW-La Crosse.

Outside of work, you’ll find me cheering on the Badgers—I’m a life-long fan! When I’m not in Badger mode, my wife and I stay busy with our three high school age children.

Dave wakeboarding on a lake
Dave with his family standing in front of a church

Carter Hoffman PT, DPT, CSCS

Hello, my name is Carter Hoffman. I’m from Spring Green, WI, attended undergrad at UW-La Crosse and graduate school at Washington University in St. Louis. My fascination with the human body and how it works led me to become a physical therapist. Utilizing technology to solve and effect complex problems is a great joy for me. I also like helping athletes of all ages and stages perform at their highest level.

When I’m not at work, my wife, Kiara, and I have been enjoying the married life. We’ve been married for a year and a half now! Something interesting you may not know about me is that I love blues music, especially Joe Bonamassa.

Carter and his wife on their wedding day

Ryan Klapper PT, DPT

Hi, I’m Ryan Klapper. I’m from Green Bay, WI and have been a PT at SPO for five years. I attended Carroll University for both undergrad and graduate school and was on the football team. I became a physical therapist because I like working with people and helping them get back to doing what they want to do. The look on a patient’s face when they do something they never thought they’d be able to do again is priceless. I also enjoy the one-on-one time I get with patients to further develop relationships.

Outside of work, my fiancé, Lyndsay, and I are busy planning our wedding and are excited to tie the knot next summer. I also love to be outside, especially this time of year as fall is my favorite season. Some of my favorite activities include golfing, hiking, and spending time with my fiancé and dog, Blitz!

Ryan with his fiancee, Lyndsay, and dog, Blitz

Kimara Riggs PT, DPT

Hello, I’m Kimara Riggs and in all honesty, a career in physical therapy wasn’t initially on my radar. My heart was set on becoming a marine biologist. It wasn’t until a high school teacher suggested I look into it that I even considered the option. With further research, I realized the variety that PT offers and was committed to becoming a physical therapist by my junior year. After high school I attended Carroll University for my undergrad and graduate degrees.

My favorite thing about being a physical therapist is being able to spend a significant amount with my patients. This time allows me to truly get to know them and how best to serve them, not just with physical improvements, but hopefully improving their overall quality of life. PT is a blessed profession by granting us the one-on-one time with our patients.

Originally from Jefferson, WI, I now live in Stevens Point with my three sweet babies and husband, Kris. We also have the maximum number of animals that the city of Stevens Point allows on our “hobby farm.” When I’m not busy with the kids or animals I’ve become a seamstress in my “free time.”

Kimara with her three young children

Kris Riggs PT, DPT

My name is Kris Riggs and I am the Director of Physical Therapy at Stevens Point Orthopedics. I was born and raised in Stevens Point and I have been working at SPO for 6 years. The best part about being a physical therapist is helping patients recover from their injuries and getting them back to doing what they want to do.

I obtained my physical therapy degree from Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It was there that I met my beautiful wife Kimara, who is also a physical therapist at SPO. We have 3 kids together—a 6-year-old named Breleigh, a 4-year-old named Jordy, and a 1-year-old named Blakelyn. We also have 2 dogs, 2 cats and 5 chickens. Outside of spending as much time with my family as possible, I enjoy beekeeping and I have been doing that for about 3 years.

Kris tending to his bees

Michelle Retzlaff PT, DPT

Hello, I’m Michelle Retzlaff. I come from a family of five kids, I’m the oldest, and am married with two kids of my own—a son and daughter. Can’t forget about the two fur babies as well!

Growing up I was a gymnast for 15 years. My experience with gymnastics led me to want to become a PT so I could help rehab injuries—similar to what I saw other medical professionals doing throughout my years in the sport. It was an easy decision for me to attend Saint Louis University for both undergrad and graduate school and become a PT. As a physical therapist, I love seeing patients recover and get back to doing what they love!

Michelle with her husband and two young children

Renee Vande Laarschot MS, PT

Hey there, I’m Renee Vande Laarschot and I’m the PT you’ll first meet with if you ever need a joint replaced via our Joint Journey program. I became a PT because I love working with and helping people, especially in a medical setting. My favorite part about the job is helping people get back to doing what they love to do!

I’m originally from Peshtigo (home of the great Peshtigo fire) but moved to Stevens Point in my high school years. I attended UW-Stevens Point for my undergraduate degree and Carroll College for my Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. In my free time I love to travel! In this picture I’m in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

To learn more about our physical therapists, visit our Meet the Team page or the SPO YouTube Channel.

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