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Meet the WPI Team

Our new product line, the Wisconsin Performance Institute (WPI), is a unique enterprise dedicated to the comprehensive analysis, restoration, and maximization of human movement. It’s an organization comprised of passionate people who are eager to communicate that passion to anyone they meet.

But who are these passionate people eager to communicate their knowledge to anyone they meet? We bet they’ll look pretty familiar. Let’s dive in and get to know the WPI team members a little better!

Carter Hoffman PT, DPT, CSCS

Carter Hoffman
Dr. Carter Hoffman

Dr. Carter Hoffman is a physical therapist and National Strength and Conditioning Association (NCSA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He’s also the Director of the WPI and Team Lead for the Velocity Enhancement and Long-Term Optimization (VELO) Program.

Carter’s doctoral-level training in the human movement system and additional strength and conditioning training helps him apply principles of human anatomy, kinesiology, human performance, and throwing/hitting mechanics to effect change.

Carter has worked with baseball players of all ages and skill levels, including members of the Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants, Chicago White Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks, Cincinnati Reds, and Kansas City Royals organizations.

By addressing underlying impairments that contribute to performance deficits and arm stress, some of Carter’s athletes have been able to go from recovering from Tommy John surgery to throwing a no-hitter within one calendar year.

Outside of work, Carter has been busy enjoying married life with his wife, Kiara. They’ve been married for a year and a half now! Something interesting you may not know about him is that he loves blues music, especially Joe Bonamassa.

Jesse Espe PT, DPT, CSCS, C-PS

Jesse Espe
Dr. Jesse Espe

Dr. Jesse Espe is a physical therapist, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Certified Performance Specialist with experience in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance training.

Jesse received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Western Kentucky University after doing undergraduate work at Edgewood College, where he played basketball for four years.

Jesse’s post-doctoral studies include work in manual therapy, blood-flow restriction training, dry-needling, muscle activation, movement and mobility training, strength and conditioning, ACL rehabilitation, pain neuroscience, and performance therapy.

Jesse’s specialty is using industry-leading technology to customize exercise programs for high-school, college, Olympic, and pro-level athletes – and workaday athletes like you.

He has served as a performance physical therapist for CrossFit athletes, team physical therapist for Benedictine University Women’s Basketball, and as the Team Lead for WPI’s ACL-PRO program.

Outside of work, Jesse enjoys spending time sharing his love of sports and the outdoors with his wife Dani, their two sons Liam and Jackson, and dog Freya.

Ryan Klapper PT, DPT

Ryan Klapper
Dr. Ryan Klapper

Dr. Ryan Klapper is a physical therapist and Titleist Performance Institute-certified professional with more than a decade of experience caddying for pros, working PGA tour events (including the 2015 & 2022 PGA Championship and 2020 Ryder Cup), and working with professional golfers as a physical therapist.

A standout football player and golfer at Carroll University, and still an avid golfer, Ryan has worked with injured golfers as well as those looking to improve their play, from beginners to professionals.

Team Lead of the Golf Performance, Analysis and Rehabilitation (PAR) For the Course Program, Ryan is focused on reducing your pain and taking your golf performance to the next level – whether that means being able to keep playing pain-free or increasing overall power, performance and consistency.

Ryan focuses on eliminating limitations through golf-specific performance examinations and individualized programs and treatments. He emphasizes movement quality and control to optimize golfers’ swings for their bodies.

He likes to educate patients on what he’s working on, why he’s working on it, and how they can improve and get back on the golf course as soon as possible. Ryan’s patients often see improvements in distance, accuracy and consistency, as well as decreased pain and improved scores.

Outside of work, Ryan and his fiancé, Lyndsay, are busy planning their wedding and are excited to tie the knot next summer. He also loves to spend time outside, especially during fall as it’s his favorite season. 

Sheila Banovetz MS, PT

Sheila Banovetz
Sheila Banovetz

Sheila has been a practicing physical therapist since 1985, first working at a rehabilitation/amputee clinic before transitioning to outpatient care. Before moving to Stevens Point in 1996, she taught physical therapy at the University of Iowa.

While working with athletes and teaching at UW-Stevens Point, Sheila started experimenting with video analysis of sport-specific movements.

When Stevens Point Orthopedics acquired the Noraxon Movement Analysis system in 2017, Sheila developed the program, managed the system, and trained in motion-analysis technology and troubleshooting.

The Noraxon movement-analysis system is an extremely powerful tool for identifying faulty movement. Sheila feels very fortunate to play an integral role in managing the technology and is very excited to help with the care of all WPI athletes, patients, and clients.

When she’s not working, Sheila and her husband, Jim, enjoy spending time with their family—four married children and 8 grandchildren. She also enjoys cooking for her family and coworkers, when time allows.

Morgan Larson CEP, CPT

Morgan Larson
Morgan Larson

Morgan Larson is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and Training Specialist.

Morgan’s masters-level training in exercise and performance, paired with her experience working with a variety of elite athletes, allows her to effectively implement the specific components needed to get each athlete performing at their best. Whether your goal is to increase power, strength, speed, endurance, or mobility, your training will be tailored to you.

She has worked with a variety of athletes, from over 15 different sports, with skill levels ranging from six-year-olds to professional athletes.

In a fitness world heavily influenced and informed by social media, Morgan strives to not only show, but explain and educate clients on correct movement and training to help them reach their full potential.

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