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Meet Shawn – Your Joint Journey Guide

My name is Shawn Dombrowski, RN, and I’m the new Joint Coordinator at Stevens Point Orthopedics, in charge of our exclusive Joint Journey program.

I am so excited to be part of the Stevens Point Orthopedics group. As a lifelong Stevens Point resident, I know how great SPO is at taking care of its patients and providing exceptional care to our community, and it’s wonderful to be part of the team.

Role of the Joint Coordinator

So what does a joint coordinator do, and why is it so important for a joint replacement program to have someone like me?

I think of my role as a “medical concierge” for patients, assisting them on their journey. It’s a journey that requires assistance. Although joint replacement is a routine surgery, it’s a new experience for the patient. Patients shouldn’t have to go it alone, or be shuttled from staff member to staff member. A joint coordinator is a single point of contact who can answer a patient’s questions and provide a framework for them to understand the entire process. 

I personally meet individually with the joint replacement patient and their “coach” two weeks before their surgery. This gives me a chance to get to know the patient and what’s important to them. What are their goals and expectations for their life post-surgery?

During this meeting, and in follow-up phone calls, I address any questions or concerns patients have.

Prior to surgery, I also help patients acquire medical equipment like walkers and canes, and set up their physical therapy appointments for them.

What to Expect After Surgery

It’s surgery day before you know it. I see patients with their doctors on the day of their surgery and daily when they’re in the hospital, and then I personally follow up with patients for several weeks after their surgery.

I give patients a cell number so they can directly contact me with questions and concerns. Imagine – no phone tree!

Last but not least, we invite joint replacement patients to a bi-annual Joint Celebration dinner. The patient, coaches, doctors, and physical therapists all get together to celebrate their hard work – and their achievement allowing them a more active lifestyle. 

My job is incredibly rewarding. I’ve had the opportunity to personally work with more than 1,800 joint-replacement patients in the last seven years. That’s a lot of new joints – and new lives.

No other joint replacement program in the area offers this level of individualized care. It’s an honor to be a part of it.

I look forward to meeting with you, working with you, and helping you through your own Joint Journey.

If you’re ready to get started on your Joint Journey, book an appointment today.

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