Motion Analysis

Bring your game to the next level with our new motion-analysis system.

Unlock your performance potential. Our trained clinicians and advanced technology captures your performance with high-speed cameras and breaks down your movements at up to 200 frames per second.

After gaining a comprehensive understanding of your performance history and goals, we use our system to record your movements and create a report. We apply 16 sensors that capture your motion and eight sensors that monitor muscle strength. These sensors form a digital 3D representation of your body that gives the most accurate visualization of your mechanics.

We review your movements together with the recorded video and detect inefficiencies, which we improve with corrective and strengthening exercises.

We specialize in walking and running evaluations, but the system also captures high-speed motions like a golf swing or a baseball/softball pitch. Best of all, the system is portable, so we have the ability to bring it to where you practice.

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Run. Jump. Throw. Dance. Swing

Each individual motion requires technique.
  • Our system uses 16 sensors that capture your motion and eight sensors that monitor muscle strength.
  • We measure and record your muscles’ exact response to every action you perform.

Benefits of the Noraxon System


The Noraxon System is the most advanced 3D motion-analysis system available.

SPO is the only facility in Wisconsin that has Noraxon technology.

The system uses two high-speed cameras and 16 sensors to capture your movements for detailed analysis.


The Noraxon software produces an avatar that lets you analyze your movements from any angle.


The system also has eight EMG muscle sensors capable of analyzing muscle activation patterns.


Noraxon allows you to view your movements in slow motion down to 1/10 of normal speed for motion analysis.

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