The physical therapists at Stevens Point Orthopedics are experts in human movement. They are highly-trained to analyze your movement and identify factors that may be contributing to your pain or performance deficits.

Human movement is a complex process; and one that can be very challenging to modify and improve by ourselves. This is especially true when we become injured performing daily activities or are trying to improve upon something that we enjoy doing for fun or leisure. Ultimately, both scenarios lead us to deficits in our ability to live out our life and perform at the highest level we can in daily life, work, or sport.

You need a team to surround you to help you achieve at the highest level. So, to help bridge the gap between your movement, improvement and performance, SPO is excited to bring the Movement Performance Lab to all those we serve within the Central Wisconsin region and beyond!

Movement Performance Lab

We are dedicated to improving access to this world-class treatment to every individual we serve. Whether you are experiencing pain with everyday activities, a weekend warrior looking to return to activity after a nagging injury, or an athlete striving to improve your performance, the Movement Performance Lab at Stevens Point Orthopedics can help you move, improve, and perform at your best.

With the help of our research-grade motion analysis software, we can analyze and understand how you MOVE with the use of high-speed motion capture. This in-depth understanding will then help your physical therapist prescribe specific corrective exercises which will then allow you to IMPROVE your movement and ultimately help you PERFORM at the highest level.


With an in-depth movement examination, our physical therapists are able to identify any faulty movements you may be demonstrating. They are then able to further determine the cause of the pain/performance decrease with the use of our high-speed motion capture software. Through this movement and education-centered examination, you will better understand why you are experiencing increased pain and/or decreased performance.

Movements That Can Be Evaluated During a Movement Performance Lab Analysis:

  • Walking Gait
  • Running Gait
  • Throwing Mechanics
  • Return to Sport
  • Golf Swing Mechanics


After a detailed motion analysis examination, your physical therapist will develop a personalized home exercise program to improve your strength, mobility, and movement patterns. This program is designed with you in mind. Our goal is to prescribe exactly what you need while teaching you why you are experiencing problems and how best to improve upon them.

Patients Have Had the Following Conditions Addressed With the Movement Performance Lab:

  • Low Back Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Post-Surgical Return to Sport


Without proper movement, developing your sport performance is very challenging, if not impossible. As you improve upon the impairments identified during your initial examination, your physical therapist will progress your program. They will make it more and more specific to your sport or the activity you wish to be your best at. With this winning combination of improved strength, mobility, and mechanics, our athletes will become less prone to injury and see their performance improve.

Individuals That Have Been Evaluated With the Movement Performance Lab:

  • Walkers
  • Runners
  • Sprinters
  • Soccer Players
  • Basketball Players
  • Baseball/Softball Players
  • Golfers
  • Dancers
  • Hockey Players
  • Weight Lifters

Don’t let pain or improper movement hold you back. Move, improve and perform your best with the movement experts at Stevens Point Orthopedics. For more information, or to schedule your motion analysis appointment, contact us online or over the phone!

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