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The physical therapists at Stevens Point Orthopedics are experts in human movement, trained to analyze your movement and identify factors that may be causing pain or affecting your performance.

Human movement is complex, and can be very challenging for us to modify and improve on our own. This is especially true if we get hurt performing daily activities or trying to get better at something we enjoy doing.

However we get hurt, injuries and pain make it hard for us to perform at the highest level in life, work, or sport.

You need a team to help you achieve at the highest level. So to help bridge the gaps between your movement, improvement and performance, SPO has brought the Movement Performance Lab to Central Wisconsin … and beyond.

We’re extending the opportunity to experience this world-class treatment to every individual we serve, whether they’re a weekend warrior looking to return to activity after a nagging injury, an athlete striving to improve their performance, or just someone experiencing pain with everyday activities.

Our research-grade motion-analysis software helps us analyze and understand how you move with the use of high-speed motion capture. This in-depth understanding helps your physical therapist prescribe specific corrective exercises which can help you improve your movement, and ultimately perform at the highest level.

I recently completed a movement evaluation via the Movement Performance Lab with Carter! I was so impressed with the detailed data and information obtained. This evaluation identified the exact areas of weakness that contribute to my chronic back issues. I am excited to focus on strengthening those weaknesses and moving with less pain!

— Christie Witt

Move. Improve. Perform.

Understand your movement with the experts at SPO.



  • Evaluation: $250

Golf Specific

  • TPI Screen: $99
  • Golf Swing Analysis + TPI Screen: $325 ($25 savings)

Follow Ups

  • 1 Follow Up: $100
  • 3 Visit Package: $255 ($45 savings)
  • 5 Visit Package: $410 ($90 savings)
  • 10 Visit Package: $750 ($250 savings)
  • 20 Visit Package: $1400 ($600 savings)

All follow up packages can be split between immediate family members. Each individual must complete an evaluation ($250) before splitting follow ups.

How It Works


With an in-depth examination of your movement using our high-speed motion-capture software, our physical therapists are able to identify and analyze things you’re doing that may be causing pain or performance issues. Through this movement- and education-centered examination, you’ll see why you’re experiencing increased pain and/or decreased performance.

Movements that can be evaluated during a movement performance lab analysis include:

  • Walking gait
  • Running gait
  • Throwing mechanics
  • Return to sport
  • Golf-swing mechanics


After a detailed motion analysis, your physical therapist will develop a personalized home exercise program to improve your strength, mobility, and movement patterns. Our goal is to prescribe exactly what you need while teaching you why you’re experiencing problems and how you can correct faulty movements.

Patients have had the following conditions addressed at the Movement Performance Lab:

  • Low back pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Post-surgical return to sport


Without proper movement, improving your performance in your chosen sport is very challenging, if not impossible. As you address the issues identified during your initial examination, your physical therapist will make your program more specific to your sport or activity. With this winning combination of improved strength, mobility, and mechanics, you’ll become less injury-prone and your performance will improve.

Individuals that have been evaluated with the Movement Performance Lab:

  • Walkers
  • Runners
  • Soccer players
  • Basketball players
  • Baseball/softball players
  • Golfers
  • Dancers
  • Hockey players
  • Weightlifters

Benefits of Our Motion Capture Software


The Noraxon system is the most advanced 3D motion-analysis system available.

SPO is the only facility in Wisconsin that has Noraxon technology.

The system uses two high-speed cameras and 16 sensors to capture your movements for detailed analysis.


The Noraxon software produces an avatar that lets you analyze your movements from any angle.


The system also has eight EMG muscle sensors capable of analyzing muscle activation patterns.


Noraxon lets you view your movements in slow motion down to 1/10 of normal speed for motion analysis.

Having my golf swing analyzed via the Movement Performance Lab and Noraxon Motion Analysis technology was truly an eye-opening and beneficial experience!  Carter and Ryan were phenomenal to work with!  This is an amazing service to have in our community!

— Dr. Josh Troyer

After months of pain and numbness, I came to SPO quite skeptical that I would find relief. However, after my initial evaluation with Carter, I knew I was in the right place. Using data from the running analysis he performed via the Movement Performance Lab, he recommended a specific regimen of daily stretching and strengthening exercises. I experienced rapid improvement in my symptoms within weeks and we were able to then address and improve my lifting form in the weight room.

Carter exudes professionalism, intelligence, and genuine enthusiasm. He has an extraordinary ability to effectively communicate and teach proper body mechanics. The Stevens Point community is truly fortunate to have this level of innovative care and expertise.

— Tabatha O’Keefe

The overall experience with the Movement Performance Lab (MPL) was eye-opening. The attention to detail and ability to analyze movement and timing in which each muscle group fired was incredible. It not only helped us see the growth in recovery but also areas in which improvements could be made. Being able to see the skeletal system move through explosive activities was incredible. Using this technology could not only improve performance but, more importantly, help with injury prevention. It was very clear that the work done through physical therapy had accomplished the desired goal.

What was so unique about the experience was you could see each muscle and how it fired on a horizontal timeline. As a father and coach, it was great to see the passion and excitement that Carter and the staff put into the MPL.  It was very apparent that they take pride in everything they do and place their patients recovery and athletic enhancement at the forefront. The staff at SPO provided exceptional care throughout the entire process. The MPL will allow SPO to take the great work they were already doing to another level.

— Gary & Kim Olson

The movement evaluation was very helpful with identifying running flaws that we were unaware of.  Sheila quickly  identified areas where improvement was needed as well as provided exercises to strengthen weaknesses.  We are looking forward to seeing the improvements in running form to assist in the prevention of future running injuries!

— Ryan Tauferner

As someone who considers themselves a novice athlete, I never would have thought I could benefit from the Movement Performance Lab. However, when I started to experience knee pain while running, I wanted to find out what was causing my discomfort.

I was thrilled at the opportunity to participate in a movement evaluation with Sheila. She had me perform a series of five movements to collect data on how each part of my body moves. The results were extremely illuminating and the state-of-the-art equipment helped us develop a plan to improve my posture while running to relieve my pain.

I would highly recommend everyone, no matter your level of athleticism, participate in a movement analysis. Even if you are not currently experiencing pain while moving or exercising!

— Timothy LaRose

During my movement evaluation, Carter was able to hone in on exactly what was causing me pain and gave me exercises to begin building strength in the right places. I was so impressed with his knowledge and professionalism as he listened to my movement concerns and my goals.

The Movement Performance Lab provided Carter with even more information about my joints and muscle groups. It was amazing to see myself on the screen and how my muscles were (and weren’t) working. I have total confidence that with the information gleaned from the analysis, coupled with the knowledge and experience at SPO, that I will soon be able to run again—pain-free

— Carrie Dreger

It was remarkable how Carter was able to immediately identify the problematic areas during my movement evaluation. My movements were causing lower back and hip pain while running. I am looking forward to working with Carter and the SPO Physical Therapy team to strengthen these areas and prevent further injury.

— Terrie Tauferner

Meet the Team

Carter Hoffman PT, DPT, CSCS

Carter Hoffman

Carter has a passion for analyzing human movement. As Director of the Movement Performance Lab (MPL), Carter uses his knowledge along with the power of Noraxon Motion Analysis to solve performance deficits and other movement-related problems.

Aside from his doctoral-level education in physical therapy, Carter is trained and certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  

During your motion analysis and as part of your evaluation, Carter will listen to your concerns and understand your goals.

With his systematic, empathetic approach to movement, the technological capabilities of Noraxon Motion Analysis, and his background in athletic development, Carter is confident in his ability to identify and correct movement issues, helping his clients improve their pain level, movement efficiency, and athletic performance.

Sheila Banovetz MS, PT

Sheila Banovetz

Sheila has been a practicing physical therapist since 1985. She started working at a rehabilitation center/amputee clinic and eventually transitioned to outpatient care. Before moving to Stevens Point in 1996, she taught physical therapy at the University of Iowa.

While working with athletes and teaching at UW-Stevens Point, Sheila started to experiment with video analysis of running and sports. When Stevens Point Orthopedics acquired the Movement Performance Lab in 2017, Sheila was delighted to lead the project – developing the program, setting up the system, learning about Noraxon Motion Analysis technology, and troubleshooting.

The MPL is an extremely powerful tool for identifying faulty movement and can be easily incorporated into physical therapy. It’s a mobile unit, which means we can bring the MPL to you – on the track or at the rink, golf course, field, dance studio, fitness facility, or clinic. This system has helped many patients and athletes heal injuries faster, prevent injuries altogether, and improve their performance.

Ryan Klapper PT, DPT

Ryan Klapper
A practicing physical therapist, Ryan works with athletes returning to sport and patients recovering from surgeries and injuries. He has a special interest in working with golfers, having enjoyed the sport ever since he can remember.

Ryan has furthered his knowledge of golf and pursued certifications through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). These TPI certifications, paired with the power of Noraxon Motion Analysis, increase his understanding of human movement relating to the golf swing.

His ultimate goal is to keep people playing longer, decrease their pain levels, and make sure they’re playing more efficiently – which ultimately puts less stress on their bodies.

Movement Performance Lab FAQs

What is the Movement Performance Lab and how can it help me?

The Movement Performance Lab at Stevens Point Orthopedics utilizes  our top-notch clinicians in combination with cutting-edge motion-capture technology to help identify complex movement-related problems that contribute to loss of function, pain, and decreased performance. Our motion-capture system is the only one of its kind in the state. You will leave your appointment with a greater understanding of your movement dysfunction, why it’s occurring, and how you can fix it, so you can return to doing what you love at the highest level.

Where will my assessment be located?

Anywhere! This is what sets us apart from other motion-capture systems. Although the Movement Performance Lab is centrally located at Stevens Point Orthopedics’ D1 Training location, we can use our system’s mobile capabilities to analyze your movement and performance at ANY location.

How is a movement analysis performed?

After performing a thorough orthopedic assessment to identify any underlying movement issues, our experienced physical therapists will use  our state-of-the-art motion-capture system with its high-speed cameras and research-grade sensors to determine what’s contributing to your pain, injury, or decrease in performance. Our highly trained staff are dedicated to ensuring that you fully understand your movement-related problem, why it’s occurring, and how to address it. With this new understanding you’ll be better equipped to improve your function and performance, getting you back to doing what you love.

What types of movements can be evaluated during a Movement Performance Lab analysis?
  • Walking gait
  • Running gait
  • Throwing mechanics
  • Golf-swing mechanics
  • Return to sport
What types of conditions have been addressed utilizing the Movement Performance Lab?
  • Low back pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Post-surgical return to sport
Who has been evaluated with the Movement Performance Lab?
  • Walkers
  • Runners
  • Sprinters
  • Soccer players
  • Basketball players
  • Baseball/softball players
  • Golfers
  • Dancers
  • Hockey players
  • Weightlifters
Do I need to be an athlete to benefit from this technology?

No! The team at SPO is dedicated to giving every individual we serve access to world-class care and technology. Whether you’re a weekend warrior looking to return to activity after a nagging injury, an athlete striving to improve your performance, or you’re just experiencing pain with everyday activities, the Movement Performance Lab at Stevens Point Orthopedics can help you move, improve, and perform at the highest level.

Do I need to be in physical therapy at SPO in order to have an analysis done?

No. Since Wisconsin is a direct-access state, you can seek out physical therapy services without a physician’s referral. This may be a more time- and cost-effective path, given your personal situation. You can use our cash-pay option or send your insurance company your statement post-payment to determine what they’ll pay towards your treatment.

How will this help me become a better athlete?

Athletes must have the best coaches and support staff around them to help achieve their performance goals. Sport-specific coaches know the ins and outs of the sport they coach; however, they sometimes lack the knowledge and understanding of movement that could ease their athletes’ pain and/or improve their performance. The Movement Performance Lab at Stevens Point Orthopedics is designed to help athletes identify holes in their athletic performance – strength deficits, mobility restrictions, or imprecise movement sequencing – to help them perform and achieve at the highest level. Our movement experts are trained in breaking down and analyzing your movement to identify what you need to do.

I am returning to a sport after a long time off. How might the Movement Performance Lab help me?

No matter the reason for your time away from sport, the experts at Stevens Point Orthopedics have designed, tested, and implemented protocols backed by the latest research to help you return to your sport safely. SPO has the only clinicians in the region who have developed such measures. When performing a Return to Sport Analysis, your physical therapist will analyze your motion during a variety of sport-specific movements to determine your readiness to return to play. The information gained from your assessment and improvements made will ensure you’re at your peak performance prior to returning to athletic activities after pain, injury, or surgery.

How long does a motion analysis take?

Our initial movement evaluation runs approximately 90 minutes, with 45-minute follow-up sessions.

I am not injured and my insurance won’t cover an analysis; how much will this cost me out-of-pocket?
  • 90-minute initial evaluation: $199
  • 45-minute follow-up session: $69
What should I wear to the appointment?

We recommend that you wear athletic shorts and a T-shirt that will allow you to move freely and without hesitation. We do have a supply of SPO shorts and shirts if you forget either for your first appointment.

Will I need to schedule a re-evaluation after completing my first one?

Depending on your goals, you may want to re-evaluate your movement after completing a care plan with your physical therapist. This would determine the amount of change that’s occurred and would likely come weeks to months after your initial assessment, to allow for improvements in mobility and strength, and changed movement patterns.

When will I get my assessment results?

Our clinicians will sit down with you the immediately after performing your analysis to break down the footage and data and give you your results. You will leave your initial appointment understanding why you are dealing with pain during your activity or experiencing performance decreases in your sport. After the assessment, you’ll have the tools you need to begin improving your movement and function.

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