Snowflakes are falling and temperatures are dropping. For many athletes, that means the off-season is in the air.

But just because it’s the off-season, doesn’t mean you have to stop improving.

At Stevens Point, we’re taking your game to the next level with our new motion analysis system. Whether you run marathons, swing bats, tee up, or shoot threes, our system can help you unlock your performance potential and be better than ever.

The Tech

Our specialized motion analysis technology uses high-speed cameras to break down movements at a rate of up to 200 frames a second so we can analyze your swing, stride, or throw down to the tiniest of detail.

We’ll apply 16 sensors to capture your motion and 8 sensors to monitor muscle strength. Together, these sensors form a digital 3D representation of your body, giving us an incredibly accurate visualization of your mechanics.

Baseball Throw

Putting it in Play

After we review your performance history and goals, we’ll look at the recorded video and the report from the sensors to determine which inefficiencies exist. Once we know what needs tweaking, we can make an improvement plan using corrective and strengthening exercises.

Because we get a detailed view of your mechanics, we create solutions to target the smallest of problems – like a slight bend in the elbow or a small weakness in the shoulder. By tweaking these tiny inconsistencies, your game will improve drastically.

Come Back Better, Stronger, and Faster

Nothing beats practicing every day and regular competition, but our new motion analysis system comes close. Spend your off-season getting better, stronger, and faster so that when you return to the field, court, or track you blow your coaches and the competition away.

We’ll Come to You

The best part is our system is portable, so we can bring it to wherever you practice. Give Stevens Point Orthopedic a call to schedule your evaluation.