Hometown:  I grew up in Milladore, a little town west of Stevens Point. 

Education:  I went to grade school at JF Kennedy in Junction City. I went to junior high at Ben Franklin and senior high at SPASH.  I also spent educational time at UW-Stevens Point and UW-Oshkosh.  I have always had a desire to work in the medical field. 

Position:  Appointment Coordinator.

Describe some of your job duties:  I welcome patients to the clinic, check them in for appointments, and update personal information. I collect payments and co-pays. Answer patient questions or direct them to the appropriate person for answers. I assist patients by answering phones, taking messages, and scheduling appointments.  I utilize the patient portal to update patient information and schedule appointments.  I assist medical staff with the upkeep of patient charts by scanning and retrieving faxes. In addition, I do so much more, as a receptionist I really am quite amazing.

Favorite thing about working at SPO:  The PEOPLE.  I love my coworkers and the people who come into the clinic each day.  Each day has challenges and joys due to the wonderful people I get to interact with.

Hobbies:  I enjoy scrapbooking, reading, biking, singing, attending sporting events, spending time with my friends and family, shopping and movies. 

Family/Pets:  I am the second of 5 children to Douglas and Elizabeth.  I have two brothers (Douglas and James) and two sisters (Mary and Ruth).  I have one nephew (Noah).  I have 3 cats Amber, Tramp and Verbose.  They are rescue kitties full of fun and mischievousness. 

If you could be any office supply item, what would you be? And why?:  I would be a staple remover.  It is a simple item that needs no electricity, it always works. Plus, if you give it some eyes, the staple remover has a cute little face