Hometown:  Stevens Point Native.  Born in Tacoma, Washington while my dad was stationed there for military service.

Education:  1980 SPASH graduate.

Position:  Appointment Scheduler.

Describe some of your job duties:  Helping patients schedule appointments. Front desk greeter. Assist with RX requests. Scan and update patient records. Help maintain a good experience for our patients from beginning to end.

Favorite thing about working at SPO:  Meeting all the patients, working with great co-workers and staff and being the clinic cheerleader for the Green Bay Packer season.

Hobbies:  Entertaining and trying new recipes out on friends and family, camping, traveling and fishing.

Family/Pets:  Third oldest of four siblings with two older sisters and one younger brother. My longtime other half Dan and our two other family members; rescue cats, Squeak and Ed.

If you could be any office supply item, what would you be? And why?:  Super glue. It’s a nice feeling when you stick together with people.