Hometown:  Stevens Point.

Education:  Graduated from SPASH; Mid-State Technical College.

Describe some of your job duties:  I schedule most of the surgeries for Dr. Riordan & Dr. Guse, as well as schedule MRIs, make follow up appointment and do prior-authorization requests for insurance purposes.

Position:  Scheduling Coordinator.

Favorite thing about working at SPO:  I enjoy the patient contact I have, as well as the providers and coworkers that I work with.

Hobbies:  Walking, gardening, bike riding, and watching Packer & Badger games.

Family/Pets:  Husband-Tom, mother, 2 brothers and a sister, dog-Ellie.

If you could be any office supply item, what would you be? And why?:  A stapler, because I like to think I can hold things together.