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Stevens Point Orthopedics Welcomes Dr. Potocki

You may have seen billboards and other announcements stating that Stevens Point Orthopedics is now offering spine procedures and spine care.

It’s true! Offering back and spine care is something we’ve been wanting to do for some time, and we’re extremely excited to welcome Dr. Jason Potocki to SPO.

But what should you know about spine care and Dr. Potocki, and why should you come to SPO with back and spine issues?

Spine Care and the Back

First, the back is an extremely complex structure. It has a lot of parts, and most of them interact with the spinal cord in some way.

The spinal cord, as you most likely know, carries nerve messages up and down your body. The cord is pretty tough, but surgeries on the structures surrounding the spinal cord can be delicate, because you don’t want to risk damaging it.

For that reason, it makes sense to visit a facility that’s skilled in working with body structures that involve bones, tendons, ligaments, and nerves — and understands all the options for treating issues.

One of those options is surgery … but it’s rarely the first option. If you’ve visited SPO, you know that we strive to treat issues non-surgically whenever possible, with physical therapy, braces, lifestyle modifications, and medications.

Our staff is trained in all those options, but we’re also uniquely equipped to provide surgical care should that be the desired option.

The Right Facility

Being uniquely equipped starts with having the right people, most notably a highly trained surgeon, but it takes more than people to make a back surgery successful — it takes the right facility.

Fortunately, SPO has that as well. The Ambulatory Surgery Center is located in the same building as SPO and has everything patients and staff need for a successful procedure — every last instrument, piece of equipment, operating room, and recovery area.

The key to the Ambulatory Surgery Center is the word “Ambulatory.” We strive to get patients moving as soon as possible after surgery.

While that’s not always possible with back surgeries, the idea that you can potentially go home the same day after back surgery is extremely appealing to most patients, and a big part of what makes SPO special.

Now add SPO’s great people to the mix and Stevens Point Orthopedics becomes the area’s top choice for spine care and back surgery.

Dr. Potocki

That brings us back to Dr. Potocki. Many of you know Dr. Potocki from his time at Marshfield Clinic. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him, let’s just say he’s a perfect addition to the team.

Dr. Potocki is thorough, meticulous and extremely skilled, and he really cares about his patients.

He focuses his work on preserving, restoring, and preventing loss of function, ultimately enabling patients to regain strength and resume everyday activities.

As he’s said, “My greatest accomplishment is having a patient be thankful and appreciative because they’re doing well. That’s it.  People don’t realize how much that can fix a bad day.”

Like all the doctors at SPO, Dr. Potocki’s first focus isn’t on doing another surgery; it’s evaluating all treatment options and finding the one that works best for the patient short-term and long-term.

Outside of work, Dr. Potocki’s hobbies slot right in with the other doctors’ avocations. SPO has sawmill operators, weightlifters, anglers, and runners; now we’ve added a motorcycle enthusiast with a passion for restoring vintage firearms.

Stevens Point Orthopedics has talked about providing world-class treatment and hometown care for years, but for most of that time one crucial piece was missing: back and spine care.

Now that we have Dr. Potocki on board, that piece is in place. SPO is ready to help with your back and spine issues, and give you the comprehensive care you deserve.

What’s next for SPO? We’re not sure, but whatever it is, it’ll be done with your health and well-being in mind — all so you can live your best life.

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