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Telehealth Appointments

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot on hold, but the team at Stevens Point Orthopedics understands that your injuries and pain don’t have a pause button.

In an effort to continue to provide care to our community, we’re conducting telehealth appointments.

These safe and user-friendly virtual medical visits are available for orthopedic patients who are looking for medical attention from a physician, physician assistant, or physical therapist.

Scheduling Your Telehealth Appointment

If you’ve never experienced a telehealth appointment before, there’s no need to worry. Scheduling is easy — simply call the clinic and mention you’re interested in a telehealth visit. A staff member will ask for your information, just as they would if you were scheduling a regular office visit. A health-care professional will then review your request to make sure it’s appropriate for telehealth.

One business day prior to your telehealth appointment, you’ll be sent a link to a website that will serve as the virtual “office” for your visit.

To take part in a telehealth visit, you need either a smartphone or tablet with a camera, or a computer with a webcam.

Most modern laptop computers have webcams and virtually every smartphone has a front-facing camera. If you don’t have either, ask to use a friend or relative’s device for the telehealth visit.

How Your Appointment Works

Click on your telehealth link a couple of minutes before your appointment. You will be asked to type your first name and to enable video, click “Allow.” A medical assistant will see that you’re in the “waiting room” and will assist you with the final check in process when ready.

The first thing you’ll notice during your telehealth appointment is that it’s very much like an actual office visit. A medical assistant will ask you questions to review and update your chart. You will then be placed on a brief hold until you’re connected with your provider.

During your appointment, the provider may ask you to move a joint so they can see your range of motion. You might also be asked to show the provider your incision site, so they can see how things are healing.

At the end of the appointment, the provider may ask you to schedule a follow-up. To do that, they’ll transfer you to a medical assistant who will help you schedule your follow-up immediately during the visit or call you shortly after.

In fact, patients who have already experienced telehealth appointments are amazed at how similar they are to in-person appointments. To see how a telehealth appointment works, check out our demonstration video.

If you think a telehealth appointment might be an option for you, please contact our office. Don’t settle for a pause on pain … call the clinic today: 715-344-0701.

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