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Don't just get back. Get all the way back.
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Lots of orthopedic providers claim they can get you back to daily activities. But there’s a difference between being able to perform an activity and being able to perform it the way you did before injury.

That’s why Stevens Point Orthopedics has teamed up with D1 Training-Stevens Point and Sweet Spot Nutrition to create Bridge — a program designed to guide you back to your pre-injury movement and activity.

With Bridge, your SPO team works with D1 and Sweet Spot’s coaches to create a custom program that goes beyond physical therapy, incorporating exercises, diet, and ongoing care to bring you back – safely and effectively.


Option 1

D1 Training

8 personalized training sessions. The sessions will take place twice a week for 30-45 minutes each.

Sweet Spot Nutrition

6 weeks of nutritional coaching.

TOTAL: $350

Option 2

D1 Training

4 personalized training sessions. The sessions will take place once a week for 30 minutes each.

Sweet Spot Nutrition

6 weeks of nutritional coaching.

TOTAL: $180

Our Experts Are Ready To Help.

Meet the Team

Dr. Troyer

Dr. Troyer Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Troyer is an expert in sports medicine and orthopedic conditions. He takes the time to speak with each patient and truly understand their condition, their needs, their goals, and the best, most effective course of treatment.

In addition, Dr. Troyer is a skilled surgeon and an authority on the latest surgical techniques.

Dr. Troyer is the important first link in the Bridge program — the person who understands what the patient is hoping to achieve through surgery, and how to accomplish it.


Shawn Dombrowski Nurse Practitioner
If a joint replacement is the recommended course of action, Shawn will be helping coordinate your surgery and recovery.

Shawn has helped hundreds of patients through the process, and has the answers to just about any question you might have regarding joint replacement. She also makes sure patients are educated on their pre-surgery exercise program as well as their post-surgery rehabilitation.

Shawn believes in getting to know each of her patients. That’s why she gives each one her personal cellphone number, to be used when questions arise. Shawn cares about getting you all the way back.


Kris Riggs Physical Therapist

Kris, one of SPO’s skilled physical therapists, has just helped you complete your last physical therapy session. While you feel a lot better, you don’t feel you’re all the way back to where you were before you were injured.

If you feel lost or don’t know what to do next, fear not! The Bridge program lets you take that next step after physical therapy, and guides you as you continue your fitness journey.

When you’re in the Bridge program, your physical therapist will work with D1’s skilled trainers on an exercise program tailored to you and your physical-fitness goals.


Bill Koepke Certified Athletic Trainer

William, a Certified Athletic Trainer and head coach at D1, brings 10 years of experience in human fitness, performance, and strength and conditioning to the Bridge program.

With his extensive pre- and post-surgery knowledge, William can help individuals of all ages with shoulder, spine, knee, ankle, foot, and elbow injuries.

William believes in sharing the knowledge and practice of sports medicine with the general population. He’s passionate about helping people understand their bodies, successfully recover from an injury, and pursue their goals.


Kali Clark

Kali Clark owns and operates Sweet Spot Nutrition in Plover and works as a coach at D1.

Kali uses nutrition — small, manageable changes — to enhance healing and promote wellness for SPO patients before and after surgery.

Kali loves sharing recipes with the people she works with and seeing them progress through rehabilitation — and no one is as happy as Kali when someone makes it all the way back!

See what a difference the Bridge program team can make. Contact us today to learn more.

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