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Work from Home Ergonomics

You did it! Another day of working from home. You shut down the computer and stand up from your chair, but suddenly become overwhelmed by the pain and discomfort from your long day of sitting at a desk.

Cramped wrists. Sore back. Aching neck. These discomforts are far too common for people who work from home all day and don’t maintain proper posture.  

If this is you, listen up. You don’t have to ice your sore back every night or take pain relievers for your stiff neck. You simply need to find the position and workspace that’s right for you.

This is where maintaining proper ergonomics, working from home or otherwise, can benefit you. Every part of your body from your feet to your eyes need to be in a proper position so you can feel your best at the end of the day.   

Here are our working from home ergonomic tips:

Don’t Slouch Over Your Computer

Absolutely no slouching! Make sure to maintain proper posture up through your entire spine. If you are sitting, make sure your back is properly supported by the back of the chair. Your elbows should be supported and bent to around 90 degrees to avoid straining your shoulders. Additionally, the top of the screen should be at eye level to prevent neck injury. To maintain proper blood flow through your legs, keep your feet flat on the ground.

Standing at Work

If you are standing while working, it is important to keep equal weight on each leg. Again, the top of your screen should be level with your eyes to avoid strain on your neck. You should keep your wrists relaxed so they don’t cramp up.

Move Around Frequently

Sitting for long periods of time will cause muscles to tighten up. To avoid cramping, you should get up and move around for 1-2 minutes. Do this at least one time every hour.

While you’re up and out of your chair, stretch all those muscles! Take some time to gently stretch every muscle in your body, from your ankles to your neck.

Avoid Overexposure to Blue Light

Protecting your eyes against the blue light of your electronic devices is crucial. The best way to do so is by acquiring a pair of blue light lenses. These lenses block the blue light from passing through and protect your eyes.

But wait, we’re already constantly exposed to blue light via the sun. Why does it matter now?

True, sun is the main source of our blue light exposure. However, our laptops and cell phones are more dangerous because we use them very close to our faces for extended periods of time.

So, protect your eyes from blue light and purchase a pair of blue light lenses. They’re quite stylish, too!

Keep Home Away From Work 

We get it. It’s super tempting to work in bed with your feet stretched out or to get comfy on the couch. However, we highly recommended you don’t. 

Make sure you have a distinct working station. Don’t work on the couch or at the kitchen table, if possible. These locations limit your ability to maintain the proper posture your body needs. You will also focus better in a designated workplace.

Don’t Forget About Your Steps 

When you sit all day it’s easy to forget to keep moving. Try to take extra trips up and down the stairs or extra paces around the house whenever you have the time. 

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